Waterhouse-Fix-Knable House
2122 Ekin Avenue
New Albany, IN 47150
Sheriff Sale

Listing Description:

Built c. 1886. Gabled Ell. Waterhouse-Fix-Knable House. This house is located in the Silver Grove neighborhood in the east end of New Albany, which has had an active neighborhood association since 2001 (www.Silvergrove.org). This area is part of the original town of Silver Grove, which was incorporated in 1886 and had its own town hall with an elected council. It even had its own fire and police departments. Silver Grove was annexed by New Albany in November of 1914.  

Wilson and Emma Waterhouse bought lot 12 in plat 327 from Morris McDonald in October 1884 for $200. Morris McDonald is responsible for subdividing the area which was to become the “Town of Silver Grove”. Wilson and two others are listed on the original census of the Town of Silver Grove taken in May of 1886. They sold the house to Charles Schwartzel in January 1888 for $1100. The price and the census information lead one to believe the house was built before May 1886. Charles Schwartzel sold the house to Valentine and Katherine Fix in November of 1894 for only $1000. The 1895 City Directory lists his occupation as a boss carder at the O.F. Warp Mills. The newly established Silver Grove street address is listed as 113 Ekin Ave. In the 1900 and 1910 census, the Fix family is listed as Valentine, Katherine, one son Frederick, and four daughters at this address.

Beginning in about 1913 the Campbell family lived there until 1923. Several people lived in the house until 1927 when the Vincent J. Knaebel family lived there until about 1944. Knaebel was a plumber according to the City Directory. Walter Kuntz who was an insurance agent for Prudential and his wife Elaine lived there beginning in 1947 until 1958. One of the longer-term residents living there was Sheldon family. Daniel and his wife Hortensia are shown there from1959 till 1966 when Eugene, wife Norma, and daughter Donna are lived there until 1978.

The house from that point has had several residents and has been used as rental property till now.

The property’s judgment number is 22D01-0802-MF-79. With this number you can visit the Clerk's Office in the City-County building and enter it into their computers to find the judgment owed on the property. This is public record.

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Contact: To be sold at Sheriff’s Sale Thursday, 18 September 2008 at 10:00 AM in the Office of the Sheriff of Floyd County (first floor of the City-County Building, 311 Hauss Square, New Albany). Judgment number: 22D01-0802-MF-79.

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